Kitchen lighting trends according to designers

From rustic, natural materials to oversized fixtures and comfortable table lamps, bring inviting illumination and fashionable character to your kitchen by delving into the latest kitchen lighting trends

Kitchen lighting trends have moved way beyond classic spotlights and simple pendants, the latest designs advocate an inspiring mix of materials, colors and shapes, and demonstrate just how transformative and important the right lighting can be in a space.

As inspiring as many of this year’s kitchen trends are, not all of us are going to start from zero in our existing spaces and embrace new countertops, cabinetry and color schemes. The benefit of kitchen lighting ideas is that they can often be simply changed out to suit your latest taste, and they can work marvelously to give a fresh new feel to your kitchen ideas.

This year’s kitchen lighting trends are all about making this bustling center of the home feel more warm and inviting, as well as helping the space appear more characterful and in harmony with your personal style.

The Top Kitchen Lighting Trends Picked By Interior Designers

Of course, many interior design trends come and go, but for our round-up of the latest kitchen lighting trends, we’ve spoken with a whole plethora of kitchen experts and designers to bring you the very best trends that are new, yet crafted for enduring longevity.

So, whether you’re planning a kitchen remodel or simply prefer replacing the existing lighting in your current design, these are the lighting styles to know about for 2024.


    In order to purchase more sustainably, more and more of us are decorating with antiques and vintage in our homes, helping to bring a distinct sense of character and history to the space, and one of the simplest ways you can introduce vintage pieces into a kitchen is through lighting.

    An eclectic blend of design features both old and new can make for the most fascinating of designs, and decorating a kitchen with antique lighting will create a space that transcends trends.

    Scarlett Hampton, co-founder of lighting design studio, lights&lamps says, ‘a shift towards aged brasses and patina bronze is evident, perhaps due to an increasing desire to add a touch of theatrical, vintage grandeur to the home. Timeless in appearance, these rich and rustic details lend dimension to any kitchen scheme.’

    Interior designer, Ginger Curtis, founder and CEO of Urbanology Designs, says ‘In 2024, we predict kitchen lighting trends with exaggerated scale and form to be favored. Whilst cones, domes, scalloped and domes create a distinctive focal point, they also can cast captivating patterns of light and shadow, enhancing the ambience of a room.’

    This beautiful pair of enormous pendants hang brazenly over the kitchen island, drawing your focus to the island and assisting to zone the space. We investigate more kitchen island lighting ideas in our dedicated feature.


      Lulu and Georgia dining

      Helen Pratt, design ambassador at Arteriors London says, ‘we have seen a growing trend of customers opting for natural materials in their lighting choices – a lovely touch as the illumination thrown around the room through a rattan or wicker shade can create a uniquely different feel than through fabric, often creating a more whimsical aesthetic.’

      Filled with hard surfaces and practical appliances, kitchens can quickly become cold and clinical without the right styling and design ideas, and embracing lighting crafted from natural materials can establish a more rustic and grounded atmosphere; helping to make the space feel more soft, inviting and warm.

      The use of wicker and rattan in interior design has been a prevalent trend over the last few years, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. A delightful sense of soothing texture has been introduced into this modern kitchen with the Lulu and Georgia Terrene Pendant, designed by Elan Byrd.


        An example of modern kitchen lighting concepts depicting a kitchen with a marble floor, dark blue cabinets and a wooden island

        In rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens, it can sometimes be hard to find the space to bring in decorative accessories and beautiful concluding touches. However, a statement pendant light or chandelier can work not only as a functional light source, but a stunning design feature and focal point – and it won’t take up any valuable surface space.

        Scott Richler, co-founder of lighting and furniture brand, Gabriel Scott, says, ‘we’re increasingly seeing a demand for lighting to be designed as sculptural art pieces. Statement chandeliers above kitchen counters or a dining table that are not only functional but are also a decorative work of art are a very popular request.’

        Kitchen lighting can be so much more than simply providing practical illumination, it is a chance to truly express your style and enhance a space with a unique and artistic flourish.


          Modern kitchen with red painted kitchen island, marble countertop, three glass and metal suspended pendant lights over island, pink painted cabinetry, wall lights over decorated shelf

          Piero de Marchis, director at Detail Lighting says, ‘our residences are having to work harder for us than ever before, with an increase in spaces having multiple functions. From open-plan living rooms to kitchen-dining areas, the trend for installing multifunctional lighting that can be adapted to suit the room as it’s being used is likely to continue to rise.

          Perimeter lighting, separated from central lighting, can help to ingeniously zone your kitchen, ideal if your space has a kitchen island or separate seating area. A stratified lighting scheme can also help to alter the overall ambiance of the kitchen.’

          From practical spotlights to colorful wall sconces, a blend of illumination will always help to create a more useable and inviting kitchen space.


            Cozy, colorful rural kitchen

            Often associated with bedroom lighting ideas and living room lighting ideas, a table lamp can work just as well in the kitchen, provided that it is located in an area that will not get in the way when cooking and preparing food.

            As we have discussed with the significance of multi-functional lighting, the warm, homey radiance projected from a table lamp can help to convert a busy kitchen into a more tranquil space, ideal for positioning near comfy seating, on a countertop or beside a dining table.

            Portable table lamps, such as this Trip Portable Lamp by ABC Home, offer you the flexibility and freedom of movement, ideal in a hectic kitchen space. Housed on a shelf or windowsill, these designs can be easily transported to a table, seat space or even outdoors when required.


            Modern farmstead kitchen with wood lower cabinetry and stone countertop

              Jo Plismy, proprietor of Gong provides her top advice on what she believes is next for kitchen lighting trends.

              ‘I believe the next major kitchen lighting trends will involve experimenting with new and different materials to create thrilling and distinct lighting designs. This will include using both contemporary high-tech materials and ancestral ones too.

              ‘The possibilities for materials used in the construction of lighting is limitless and I believe we will see innovation in the use of gentler materials such as rattan and fabric as well as harsher ones including steel, ceramic, resin, aluminum and even marble, which looks magnificent in a kitchen.


              Blue kitchen with an island, terracotta floor, marble countertops and splashback and brass pendant lighting

                Gary Singer, owner of Eggersmann says, ‘the kitchen lighting trend I’m observing is a genuinely luxurious use of metallic lighting, which often complements existing design details in the kitchen space. For example, the chosen metallic finish of a range cover is also seen on barstools, lighting and cabinet handles, helping to create a sense of cadence and balance. Instead of the illumination being seen as a discrete statement element, it’s now all encompassing.’

                8. RETRO STYLES kitchen with pendant lighting and green wall tiles with copper cookware

                  The rise of incorporating antiques and vintage into our homes has seen many of us opt for more whimsical, antiquated lighting trends in our spaces.

                  If you’re looking to design a transitional kitchen where old and new styles come together in elegant harmony, selecting for more evocative lighting can bring in that discreet sense of vintage character – without making the space feel too outmoded or old fashioned.

                  We simply admire these traditional glass pendant lamps in this colorful green kitchen by deVOL.

                  9. OPTING FOR CURVACEOUS FORMS OVER ANGULAR SHAPES Studio McGee modern country kitchen

                    Curves are still at the front and center of interior design trends for 2024, with many designers selecting for gentler, free-flowing forms in order to establish a more relaxing and comfortable ambiance in the home.

                    ‘We tend to get wind of kitchen lighting trends early – we see surges in demand for particular elements, such as more natural materials, or statement fixtures and at the moment we’re seeing a demand for sculptural lights and gentle curves,’ says Charlie Bowles, director at Original BTC.

                    This kitchen lighting trend is a particular preference of ours as kitchens tend to be made up of pointed angles – unless you select for rounded corners on your island and cabinetry. We adore these curvaceous Letterly Pendants by McGee & Co.

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